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old cotton candy sheep 2_edited_edited_e

wind-up mice brings the carnival to you! inspired by the clientele's "carnival on 7th street," carnival relishes not only the fun & games found at carnivals but the undercurrents. the shadows that come to play when day turns into night. "if a shadow falls across the moon / anybody could be you." we seek strangeness—close-ups of clowns on stilts, stray circus ponies, popped balloon darts. warped vision and salty musk from the sultry heat. decadence and fleetingness. we want your cotton candy and stuffed animal prize-filled childhood nostalgia, your fears and wonder on rollercoasters. orange skies & carousels. you are welcome to include your festive transparent illustrations alongside your pieces if interested. we are excited to dig into your work.  meet you on the ferris wheel at sundown!

old cotton candy sheep 2_edited_edited.p
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